Progress May 2013

It’s been a month since I began my weightloss/healthgain journey.  I did so much research and soul searching and praying and Reiki and reading that once I actually started, I found I have so much confidence, it’s like a quiet feeling of success permeates my being, as I go along the journey.

Which is a complicated way of saying this has been stress free so far.  Really, it’s actually been easy.  That’s not to say that I am over confident.  I remain vigilant each day and continue to make good choices.

After one month, I have lost 15 pounds.  I know the first bit is always fast and particularly on a low carb regime is water.  That’s because I am ridding my body of the glycogen, stored carbs.  Each molecule of carb holds about 3 molecules of water, or so my research tells me, so the first “rush” of weight release is water.

It’s a good feeling boost, but of course, I want to lose fat weight, not water weight.  That’s where the high protein comes in.  And increased exercise.

I have already started to research how to keep weight off as apparently that is harder than losing it in the first place.  It doesn’t seem that complicated – basically you have to continue to eat and move and think the way you did when you were losing the weight.  That makes sense.  I mean if you go back to the way you ate and moved (or didn’t move as the case may be) and thought while you were overweight – guess what?  You will be overweight again.

So, the first month is over.  Now I just have to do that 360 more times.

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