I was expecting to hit a weight loss plateau but not this quickly.  I have seriously not lost one ounce since May 17th.

Every day I get on the scale and it is the exact same weight as the day before, and I smile (okay, first I swear!).  I smile because I feel so much healthier eating low carb.  More energy, less bloat.

I am surprised, I’ll admit, because I am eating low carb, low calorie.  I didn’t think it was physiologically possible to eat like this and not lose weight.

But I feel so amazingly in control of the food, and my appetite and even the scale.  I don’t think bad things about myself when the scale doesn’t budge.  I am not tempted to stop eating this way as I have already determined it is not a temporary diet, but rather the new way of eating.

I know I am still improving the health of my pancreas and liver and heart eating this way.

And cheeseburgers definitely weren’t working!

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