Healing Progress

Over two months on my healing journey of better food (well, low carb is better for me, no judgements there, just a fact for metabolic syndrome) and more movement, more involvement in healing energy.

It’s the oddest thing, as if all my work up to this point was making me “ready” to be launched.  I have had an extremely easy two months.  I’ve had 1 cookie (homemade oatmeal, rhubarb, and chocolate chip!) and about 3 glasses of wine.  That’s the only things that have taken me off my path, even momentarily.

I’m losing weight and inches and feeling better and stronger and more positive than ever.  I don’t have a feeling of “why did I waste so much time?”.  Rather my feeling is one of strength and joy and even rebirth.

Right now, I am sweating and tired, but that is because I spent the morning hilling potatoes, weeding the rest of the vegetable garden and pruning the front rose and petunia garden.  Everything looks good and my fingernails are filthy!

I don’t even have a feeling of “how much longer will this take?”  Mostly I think because it has not been unpleasant eating my omelettes, chicken breast and broccoli.  But also, because once I made the decision, I really have to accept that this is how I need to eat in the long term.  I have to convince myself that I am allergic to bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.  I definitely am insulin compromised so this is definitely for the best for my health.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about the American Medical Association labelling obesity as a disease.  There are certainly many more factors than the usual admonition to “just” eat less and move more.  There are hormonal and other physiological factors involved.  And certainly the complications such as heart disease and diabetes rank as diseases, but at any rate whatever works to get people healthier is for the best.

So I go on, each day getting more and more used to the “cleaner” feeling, and the increased strength.  I’ve read that it takes 21 days to make a habit, but I do believe it’s longer.  Maybe six months, I’m not sure.  I know that it is easier to see the rest of my family eat rice or potatoes than it has been.  I’m not home free, but I sure am sliding gracefully to home.

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