About me

Hi, I’m Doris von Tettenborn, found here:  http://www.facebook.com/

I am the mother of two wonderful young men, stepmother to two more wonderful young men.   They have all moved out – very quiet empty nest.

I have been a pharmacist for 30 years.  Currently, I am a Pharmacy Manager.

I Turned 50 (How the HELL did that happen?)   See what I think about turning 50:  https://bleep50.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/wake-up-and-smell-the-paints/

I love books.  I love collecting books,  reading books.  Five at a time.  History, romance, self help, physics, spiritual, diet books, books on writing, graphic novels, YA literature, current events.  I love YA fiction, but I also read Dean Koontz, Jodi Picoult, I’ve read some Danielle Steel, Arthur Hailey, Stephen King, C.S. Lewis…  I love Julia Cameron (her writing books, not necessarily her fiction)
I’ve discovered Indie authors and I am enjoying most of the work, and posting some reviews.

I’ve loved books so long, since I was about 4.  I learned to read early and never quit.  I can’t remember when it occurred to me that I could make a book.  Maybe about the age of eight.  That’s really what I want to do.  Took me long enough to even get started.  So here I go!


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